Saturday, December 02, 2006

November 2006 Post Open Garden

Well after Wednesdays hail and Thursday’s gale winds we are finally opening our garden for 2006. It’s a lot more work than most people realise; basically we start next week on getting ready for the 2007 opening.
The weather is perfect, fine and sunny.
All the usual helpers are here, we need help with the gate and plant sales.
As usual the visitors who know the quality of Judy’s plants are the first to visit, and the Bromeliads are going out by the wheelbarrow load.
Saturday turned out to be a fairly slow day as far as numbers goes, about 300, the ‘Lions Club’ were disappointed as food sales were slow.
The Garden featured on the ‘Garden Gurus’ television show on Saturday evening and this created a lot of interest on the Sunday, we even had visitors from as far away as Bundaberg.
The crowds on Sunday were much bigger with just over 500 visitors.
The ‘Lions Club’ sold out of food and they were very happy, they are going to make a sizeable donation to ‘Young Care’.
Every visitor seemed happy and the comments in the visitor’s book were all good.
No damage to the garden and anyone who wanted a cutting asked first and I was only too happy to oblige.
All over, the ‘Open Garden Scheme’ was very happy as most garden attendance numbers have fallen drastically, ours was an exception.
We then went to the Sunshine Coast for a few days well deserved R&R.
We returned from our holiday with a car load of plants from Jean and Leo Gambles Nursery and the Yandina Markets. Both Judy and I had lots of aches and pains, seems we are better off working than doing nothing. I especially noticed my arthritis had got much worse while on holiday.
The garden featured on ‘Gardening Australia’ on 25 November and looked really good; lots of people have seen it and all comments were positive.
We are hosting the ‘International Tropical Foliage and Garden Society’ annual Christmas party this Sunday 3 December.
I cannot stop myself, I bought a couple of rare miniature Daturas yesterday, they were expensive but worth it as I have never seen them before.

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