Sunday, October 10, 2021

Garden News September 2021

 Another month without a drop of rain, the garden is really starting to dry out and very windy also.

No garden presentations this month, it's been quite barren this year of course due to Covid restrictions.

We did managed to fit one bus load of visitors in, 45 from a church group from Sunnybank. 

 We potted all our Caladium bulbs and should have a great show in November also lot's to sell.

We went back to Genny Catin's to help her repot and move her Caladiums.

My Amorphophallus were also potted, due to some rot last year I am trying a new mix with three buckets of potting mix, two of composted bark and one of perlite.

I lost my second Amorphophallus titanum through rot, almost cried when I removed the tuber from the pot.

Applied for a Covid app and will have that available for bus tours and Open Garden.

Open Garden, we are planning it and the only thing that will stop us is Covid, fingers crossed.

Some wildlife.

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