Thursday, April 15, 2021

Garden News March 2021


Sorry I am so late in posting this blog but I have been very building a new pool deck.

At last, a Garden Club presentation. On the 16th we visited Oxley and District Garden Club where I gave my latest presentation on ‘Aroids and Colour’.

They really liked it and it was nice to receive a nice thank you letter.

We had a bus trip booked to our garden but due to the heavy rain we had to cancel, just too wet and soggy.

The other cancellation was a visit to Steve Flood’s Nursery with the Cordyline Society as we had Grandchildren duties that day.

March was a great month for rain, in all we had over 500 mills, that filled up all our tanks and gave the garden a deep watering.

The existing pool deck was getting old and rotten so instead of waiting for winter when the weather is cooler, I made a start, and what a big job it has turned out to be.

I did not finish it until mid-April so you will have to wait until next months Blog entry to see the finished work.

I have also made benches for Judy's Bromeliads.

There were two parts of the garden that I was not happy with, so out came the existing plants, timber edges in then build up with soil and compost and finally fill with new plants.

Some garden photos I took over the month.

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