Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Garden News August 2018.

Our first event was to give a presentation to Caloundra Garden Club, a very active club with over 100 members present. They enjoyed the ‘Clever Gardening’ presentation.

Our second event was a short trip to Thornlands to give the ‘Victoria Point Garden Club’ the ‘Clever Gardening’ presentation, a much smaller club with about 40 members present.
Then it was onto work in the garden.
A very dry month without any rain, so it was hand watering the whole garden.
I must admit it is a job I hate but one that has to be done if we want to keep our plants alive.
I broke my Fiskars Pole Pruner but with the 25 year warranty I was able to get another one sent to me by Fiskars, what a great company and great products.

Andrew came and delivered 25 bales of Sugar Cane mulch, we go through about 150 of these every year. I find it great mulch and never find weeds in it.

A really big job was to empty and clean out two ponds, this was really hard on my back and I still have not recovered.

Trouble was I filled the pond up with rainwater and killed most of my fish, I should of realized that was wrong and I should use tap water with a chlorine neutralizer, so I had to do it all over again.
The second smaller pond was the same only on the first refill  the water went off and I found chicken bones in the bottom, so I had to empty and refill, then the water went off again, this time I found lumps of cake in the bottom, so again empty and refill. I then put wire across to stop the birds dumping food into it.
Another BIG job was to re-pot all my Amorphophallus, this time in a better draining mix as I lost a few to the dreaded rot.

I built a new trellis in the garden.

Some really nice orchids out this month.

Other than that we are busy in the house painting and putting new carpet down.

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