Thursday, August 02, 2018

July Garden news 2018

July has again been a very busy month.
It was school holidays so while our youngest son Warrick and his wife went to Byron Bay for five days we looked after our granddaughters.
Lovely girls, coming from Agnes Water where there are no shops they had a ball at Kmart, Target and BigW and of course going to the movies.
I think they thought Granddad and Grandma had a bottomless pit of money; anyway we sort of spoiled them as you do.
My first presentation was to’ Palm Lakes Retirement Village’, I went by myself as Judy had Grandchildren duties.
We then had a bus load of visitor’s from ’Karana Downs Garden Club’, they enjoyed the garden.

It’s amazing even though we are in the middle of winter the garden still delights.

Then of course our yearly pilgrimage to the ‘Queensland Garden Expo’ at Nambour, what a great show this is and it’s getting busier every year.

We picked up some nice plants and were happy with our purchases.
I finally found time to attend the monthly meeting of the ‘International Cordyline Society’ which was held at ‘Palms for Brisbane’ nursery.

Then on the last day of the month we went to give a presentation to the ‘Maleney Garden Club’, this was so well received with lots of members saying it was the best presentation they have ever had.

I tallied up the amount of talks and bus trips I have done in the past few years and it totaled over 200.
As well as all that I finished of cutting back the last of the fruit trees as well as all the other little jobs that need doing around the house and garden.

I sorted through my Amorphophallus collection and was disappointed to see I lost a few tubers to rot, I repotted the ones that needed to stay in soil and stored the rest dry.
What a big job that has been.

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