Saturday, March 10, 2018

Garden News February 2018

Not a lot to report this month as the weather has been quite terrible.
The only redeeming feature was that we had some decent rain.

February was so hot every day and humid, end up soaking wet with sweat from the day’s work.
The swimming pool received a good workout.

The garden presentations started this month with a trip to West Logan to give a presentation to ‘Greenpark Garden Club’, then there was a bus trip from the ‘Bundaberg Garden Group’, they were here last year but we were in drought conditions at the time so it was quite different for them this time, everything was green and quite lush.

We received an dinner invite from the Lions Club who gave us a nice certificate of appreciation for raising around $60,000 from our Open Gardens.

One big disaster this month was half a Macadamia tree fell on top of a shade house, although it did not destroy any plants it made a real mess of the shade house and took a big chunk out of the remaining half. 
What a job getting it down, never realised Macadamia wood was so heavy, exhausting work getting it down, I think the rest of the tree will have to be cut down also.

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