Friday, June 03, 2016

May 2016 Garden News

This month after a long absence we went to 'Aspley Garden Club' to give a presentation, I must admit I was a tad worried how we would be received as I wrote in this blog several years ago how disappointed we were that when they visited our garden on a bus trip they only stayed for half an hour.

Anyway my worries were unfounded as we were well received and the presentation went very well with lots of questions after.
Another presentation this month was to the ‘Ipswich Horticultural Society’ it was only a small group in a very cramped area but it went well as all enjoyed the presentation.
Judy and I had been looking forward to the inaugural ‘Plant Collectors Fair’ held this month in the Botanical Gardens. Well what a turn out, glad we were early as there must have been several hundred in the queue and one inside it was crowded.
Still we bought some nice plants and enjoyed meeting some garden friends and fellow plant collectors.
A person I was standing next to in the queue was a follower of this blog and my Facebook page ‘The Giving Garden’.
Judy had to have a heart pacemaker inserted as when she went for her last rheumatoid operation they were worried about her low blood pressure. Hopefully when she recovers she will be back to her old self. It certainly came as a shock to us all.
I have completed two jobs in the garden this month, one was an extension to the Tecomanthe 'Shannon' climbing frame and the other was to tidy up a small garden.

This meant we had to cancel our trip to Agnes Water to see our son and family.
What can I say about May’s weather, DRY, DRY, Dry and more DRY, not a drop of rain again.  I think this is worse than the drought of 2007-2009.
All our tanks are empty, the garden is parched, lawns are brown and yet I am still buying more plants.
Am I mad?
Two of our Grand Children came and did some work in the garden for pocket money and had a good play in my pile of dirt

Second crop of Carambloas.

Some of the plants that have flowered this month.
Crinum Big Brad
Red Riot.
Haemantus albaflos
Hankerchief tree.
Late flowering Agapantus.
Costus cross 'Yellow Belieze x Rubra'.
Triplaris tree.

I have a huge problem with my Heliconias as they are rotting from inside and no one seems to know the cause. I have treated the surrounding soil with Phos Acid and Molasses without any success.

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