Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 Garden News

Well there is finally no comlaints about the lack of rain in this month’s blog.
We have had over 600 mills since Christmas and the Cyclone produced  230 mills with no real damage, just one blocked drain.

All our tanks are full and so much water is being lost through the drains it makes you want to cry.
The garden presentations have well and truly started with trips to Tweed Heads, Caboolture and Kenmore Garden Clubs.
The trip to Kenmore was an absolute nightmare taking me two hours to get there through bumper to bumper traffic virtually all the way.
When I arrived there my first priority was a strong cup of coffee as I was a tad uptight from the drive.
The venue at Kenmore Library was amazing as they had three projectors showing my presentation on three screens.
It’s hard to get used to seeing all the green grass, means a lot of mowing every week as the grass is growing like crazy.

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Have you ever had one of those periods where everything that could go wrong or breaks down?
Well, we have certainly had one of those periods with plumbers and electricians called in, projector and computer having to be replaced, pool pump problems, blocked drains and water filter leaking.
The garden is looking good and growing like crazy.

A big month coming up in March with three presentations and hosting two bus tours.
Just realised that in the last 16 months I have only had one day away from gardening, I could really do with a holiday.

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