Tuesday, October 02, 2012

September 2012 Garden News

We are having an early summer with quite high temperatures and of course NO rain.
Worrying about the lack of rain seems to be the story of my life, but it is so frustrating having to spend countless hours hand watering then find your tanks are going close to empty.
Hopefully we will get some decent rain before the ‘Open Garden’.
I think I have probably done more to improve the garden this year than any other year, with many metres of soil, compost ect brought in and existing gardens refurbished and replanted.
As I have said before ‘“a good garden is never finished, it is always evolving”.
                                                                           Blue Mist
                                                               Queen of the Abyss
                                                                       Red Holiday
No garden talks or bus tours this month, which is good as it gives us more time to get ready for the ‘Open Garden’.
We have had two very interesting Amorphophallus plants in flower, photos shown below.
                                                            Typhonium venosum 'Voodoo Lily'
                                                           Amorphophallus Konjac

                                           Amorphophallus bulbifer (snake plant) seed pod
I have bought a new camera Nikon D3200 with 24 mega pixels; stand by for some good photos.
We are going to have some very good ‘Open Garden’ raffle prizes this year with Reln donating a worm farm and compost tumbler, Fiskars donating three very good products and a lot more, all money raised goes to disabled sport. In our previous 10 openings we have raised about $30,000 for various charities through the raffle and catering.
                                                            Clerodendrum 'Starburst'
                                                                Yellow Candlestick
We will not open next year as we need a bit of a break, whether we will do it again, well we shall just wait and see.  We still intend to host bus trips ect.
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