Wednesday, August 01, 2012

July 2012 Garden News

We have had more good rain this month, enough to saturate the ground.
What a relief not having to spend hours watering.
I have been sick most of this month, that makes almost seven weeks with the flu and that’s with the flu inoculation.

Hopefully I will start to feel better soon.
We had our usual trip to the Nambour Garden Expo and as always really enjoyed it, we then went on to see our friends at Natrakelp and came back home with some interesting plants and some  liquid seaweed.
Even though I have been sick it has not stopped me working in the garden, I must admit I hate being inside.
Resurfaced all the pathways with crusher dust, dug out all the Caladiums and revitalized the soil with compost, rice husks and blood and bone, plus of course the kelp.
  A big job was to pull out all the rocks and pavers on the walkway to back garden as they had sunk and water was collecting, also due to the shade no grass would grow. I re-cemented them all back at a higher level then filled the area in with a smooth gold pebble. I am very pleased with the result, made a dirty area look clean and fresh.

I collected a trailer load of mushroom compost from our local mushroom farm, partly to include in my compost heap and some to put under the Custard Apple trees. We can usually get heaps of our own home-grown Mushrooms.
We had one garden presentation this month, back to ‘Eagleby garden Club’ for the third time, it’s just like seeing old friends. They are a very nice group of garden lovers.
We have a busy time coming up in August with more bus trips and presentations.
Looks like an early spring, Torch Lily’s, Mexican Mist, Day Lily’s are all just starting to flower.
I am very happy with the soil I had delivered from ‘Green Fingers’, it’s probably the best soil I have ever used in the garden.

I was so impressed with their product that I did a review for them on my web site
We now have our fourth Grand Child in four years, congratulations to our son Warrick, his wife Fabienne and of course little Celeste.
With the birth of our fourth Grand Child I thought this would be a good addition to the garden.

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