Monday, October 03, 2011

September 2011 Garden News

September has been a very dry month with no rain recorded.

The garden is looking very dry, thank goodness we have 107,000 litres of backup water in our tanks, and we just could not continue gardening if we did not have these, OK, it cost a lot to put in seven tanks but we think it’s been worth it.
I suppose I had better get my ‘great big gripe’ off my chest first. Mr Google has deleted all my blog photos, that’s going back about four years, this is so disappointing as a lot of people get a lot of enjoyment out of my blog. They also deleted the photos from my ‘garden products review’ site with is bad especially when I have to pay for that domain name. Anyway I will put some of the photos back on when I get a spare minute.
How did I ever go to work?
Spring has arrived and the Hippeastrums are looking magnificent and although it is dry I believe the garden will be at its very best for our opening on 19th and 20th November.

Every day I seem to do some sort of improvement to the garden, whether it’s a new pot or a new planting or even a change in the position of a plant, there’s always lots to do.

Bayside Garden Club asked me to give a presentation at very short notice, I did not mind as they are a great club, very vibrant with lots of new members, as usual first time talk is ‘Smart Sub Tropical Gardening’, then if they want me back its ‘A passion for plants’.
Our second presentation was to the ‘Jimboomba Garden Club’, this was different as it was held in the evening, again a nice club who appreciated us taking the time to come out to them.
Judy and I both have this rotten flu that’s going around, it seems to stick around forever.
In between all this I have found time to paint the lounge/dining area and rip up all the old carpet from the four bedrooms ready for new wool carpet.

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