Tuesday, May 03, 2011

April 2011 Garden News

What a busy gardening month it has been and poor Judy has really struggled with her crook knee.
Judy goes into Hospital early May for her second knee replacement, ‘bloody rheumatoid’.
The month started off with a trip to Logan Village Garden Club for a presentation, then to the Plant Society at New Farm for the same presentation.
I thought about going to the ABC Garden Expo but after the last few which were mediocre I decided to give it a miss.

Next came bus trips from Logan City and Kilcoy Garden Clubs, these were both good as they stayed long enough to see all the garden.
Scott, Eliza and Sophie went to Townsville for the Australian Disabled Water Ski titles and he returned home with four GOLD medals, we are very proud of Scott’s achievements.
To end the month I gave a presentation to Eagleby Garden Club, it was great as I has spoken there a few years ago prior to setting up my power point display, they treated us like celebrities, and it was nice to be appreciated.
In the garden things are starting to slow down as winter approaches. I have started to trim some of the trees and basically just carried out maintenance on the garden plus of course some new plantings.
Now is of course the time to mulch the garden, I started off with 50 bales of sugar cane mulch but soon ran out, just waiting for the next delivery.
One thing that struck me is that since retiring I need to keep a personal diary something I never did while working.

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Marlene said...

Sorry to hear about Judy's problems with her knees. I have knee problem too. Was the first knee operation successful Ian?