Sunday, April 03, 2011

March garden news 2011

It has been a very busy month in the garden. The garden has had to be in virtually ‘open garden’ condition for the whole month as we have had a stream of visitors through.
First to visit were Aspley Garden Club unfortunately they were running late and left within half an hour, this was extremely disappointing as they did not have enough time to see the garden. We provided morning tea which was probably a mistake as a lot of them did not get out from under the back patio, the visit left me very frustrated.
On the following Sunday the Gold Coast Bromeliad Society visited, stayed for the afternoon and really enjoyed the garden. Then on the following Saturday Judy and I drove down to the Gold Coast to give a presentation to their club. My presentation was exceptionally well received and we were very impressed with this club’s organisation. It was also good to see John and Jenny Catlin at the meeting.
A bus load from Indooroopilly/Kenmore Garden Club visited and thank goodness they stayed for the whole morning and were able to enjoy every bit of the garden, we also provided tea and coffee, they bought some homemade cake with them. This was a visit we enjoyed.
So much to do in the garden as it had to be in tip top condition seeing how we have had three bus tours through this month and with all the rain we have had everything is growing very fast and there’s lots of trimming and pruning to be done.
I finally took all the horizontal beams down from the shade houses as they were cca treated and were poisoning the plants, it was a very difficult job but well worth doing.
This is so true.
I had 25 square metres of ‘Sweet Smother’ grass delivered to be laid in a couple of shady areas, the previous load of this grass has been a real success.

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