Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finalist 'Gardener of the Year'

If you are here after reading 'Gardening Australia' magazine then please have a look at my photo album, it's got photos from every 'Open Garden' and every project I have done plus 1000's of plant photos all from our garden.
Please enjoy the tour of our garden.

PS. After the rain the garden is looking great, amazing how things come back.

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Steve Asbell said...

I was happy to read the article, and it seems we have similar stories. I also started a garden when my mother became confined to the house in a power chair as a result of Lupus, so that she would never have to leave the house to see beauty. Maybe someday I can afford to pave a path so she can actually move around in it! By the way, your garden's beautiful and I can't tell you've been in the grip of a drought this whole time.