Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All I want for Christmas

All Judy and I want for Christmas is some rain.
It has been very frustrating seeing all the showers bypass us, just yesterday a suburb about six kilometers away received 60mm of rain while we got nothing.
The temperature has stayed in the 30s for what seems like months, there's just no respite.
This is the worst gardening time I have known in my life, it's just so sad to see my beautiful plants so stressed out and dying, what can I do other than use town water and there's just not enough of that what with the restrictions.
We will probably put another large tank in early next year. I knew we had enough water for four months of drought but never in my wildest dreams did I think we would go this long without rain.
Gardening is not an easy hobby that's for sure.

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Lara said...

I wish you a good lot of showers up there, as it is just raining all day in Sydney. May your flowers and plants stay strong until it is coming. To make you think about something else I wanted to recommend you a link. As passionate gardeners you may already have heard of it. It's The editors seem to put a lot of effort in it. It's a new Aussie gardening website and has a huge plant database with all kind of plants. Photos, videos and a so-called plant selector are up there as well.
Merry Christmas to you!