Tuesday, September 30, 2008

September Garden

Well another month and again a wet start. Things are certainly looking up. If the rain keeps on falling we just may have our 82,500 litres in storage.
Unfortunately the rain did not last and there was not much of it
I have just fertilised the day lilies and with the rain we are hoping for a great show this year.
I have started retirement with a massive list of jobs that need doing both inside and outside.
I have just completed a new composting area which will hold two lots of 5 cubic metres and a new wood storage area, I am resurfacing all the paths with crusher dust and have trimmed the custard apple trees (5) and shredded all the leaves for compost. And that’s just the start.
Well I am into my third week and have not stopped; how an earth did I do it all just on weekends?
Many jobs done and in the process of mulching the whole garden, I do not think the 50 bales of sugar cane mulch will be enough.
Spring is in the air and the Hippeastrums are starting to flower, you can see and feel spring in the garden, this years opening should be the best ever, just hope the weather is fine, It would be my worst nightmare to be rained out, all 12 months work down the drain. Don’t want to even contemplate it.
It is the end of the month and very hot 35c today, the garden is very dry as we have had no rain for over three weeks.
I am still very busy in the garden and look like being that way until the ‘Open garden’.
I have installed a new ‘fishfinder’ and a ‘Bimini’ top on my boat and am looking forward to re starting fishing. Fishing is something I have not done since my eldest son became a paraplegic; I found I gave me too much time to think, that’s why I started gardening, it turned out to be the best rehabilitation tool for me.
The blog is a bit short this month as I am too busy in the garden.

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Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

It seems we get a little more rain here in the valley. A garden takes a lot of work and if you have an open garden more so. I hope for you and your garden that on the opening days you have sunny days. I am sure your beautiful garden will be appreciated by all visitors.