Friday, March 28, 2008

Garden News March 2008

It’s been a month of hard work, the new front garden is finally complete and Judy has started to put in the plants, it is a nice addition to the garden and will be very colourful when the day Lilies are in full bloom.
As usual it cost about twice as much as I planned and that’s doing it all myself.
The price of good soil has gone up, now costing $57 a metre; the new garden took 11 metres all hand shovelled into place.
There was cementing, paving stones, another shade area, a trellis to hide the new water tank, a post for the dragon fruit, hot house, and bridge over drain.
That was the last major job in the garden, still plenty of small jobs to do which all go together to improve the garden.
One thing I am really looking forward to is a weekend where I am not shovelling soil, I seem to of been doing this forever and my bones are telling me that I need a break.
I wish I had a dollar refund for every metre of stuff I have brought in; I think I could have been very rich.
March has been very dry and we are back to hand watering, it’s a pity because the sub soil is becoming dry again.
The bugs are still really bad, grasshoppers, caterpillars, grubs are eating everything and the cockatoos have just about finished off this years crop of pecan nuts.


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Marleneann said...

What is the name of this plant? Thanks.