Monday, October 01, 2007

September Garden News 2007

The first weekend of the month was ‘Custard Apple Pruning’ Kaspar came around to lend a hand, we really gave the five trees a good prune and all the small branches and leaves went through the shredder to make compost and the branches went to the dump.
Another metre of soil on the garden, this time Judy dug up the ‘Blood Lily’ bulbs and then I topped up the bed with almost a metre of soil.
It’s incredible but it is still raining, another two inches.
The second weekend was spent mowing, first time this has been done for months. I then went all round the garden with watering cans filled with seaweed and trace elements, a big job and I could hardly move afterwards.
Due to the drought and the recent rain the weeds have come up like no other year, I will have to spray a few times to clean up the lawns.
I (foolishly) decided to extend the pool area deck prior to ‘Open Garden’; it will extend so that it meets the garden and will have a nice curved edge.
I took the Friday off work and dug 16 holes and cemented all the posts for the deck then on the second day I put all the bearers in place, which was a big job, took almost 50 metres of 100 x 38 pine rails with no timber left and almost 250 screws. It was a very big weekend and it was good to come back to work for a rest from physical labour. Our Solar System sprung a leak on Wednesday so I had to stay at home to wait for the tradesmen to arrive, so that gave me a chance to start on the actual decking which I did and was four lengths short. I found the rectangular fish pond that I have been looking for and it arrived yesterday, its full steam ahead.
It was a very busy weekend which saw the last of the decking finished (140 lineal metres) and oiled. The edging pavers were cemented in and the path filled with crusher dust, I also built a ramp and levelled the concrete step and sealed the fish pond. Phew it’s been a hard slog and has cost about 100% more than I estimated; (about $1000) imagine how much it would of cost if I had hired someone in to do it for me. Anyway the finished product looks really good and has given us a really nice outdoor area, will be great over the Christmas break.

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Hi, Do you grow any stone fruit? I'm up at Caboolture and am wondering how stone fruit would go?