Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 2007 Garden News

Once again we went to the Nambour Garden Expo, enjoyed it as usual but certainly not the range of plants that has been in the past. We had hoped to get some more nice vandas but they were not there nor were James and Kevin selling their heliconias and tropical plants.
For once we went home with virtually an empty car.
As usual there were a lot of stalls selling what I call rubbish, super vegetable peelers, shoe cleaners, chamois ect.
Brisbane has had one of the coldest winters since 1941 and some of the more tropical plants; Heliconias especially are not looking too healthy, plenty of cold burn on the leaves.
I have just finished a four-day weekend and spent it all in the Garden and even then I was unable to finish all the jobs that needed doing. One thing I do I know is that I will be very busy when I finally retire, at the moment looks like 3 January 2009.
I placed four new big pots into the garden, these things help put the finishing touches to the garden.
Going through the process of watering liquid seaweed onto all the gardens, big job and uses a lot of kelp but is worth it as it strengthens the roots and improves the soil. I am a big fan of both ground and foliar kelping.
I have rejoined the ‘International Tropical Foliage and Garden Society’ as their magazine by itself is well worth the membership.
Started the once a year job of pruning back the Carambolas, then when that’s done I will start on the Custard Apple trees.

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