Friday, May 25, 2007

Garden News May 2007

Starting off this month with the driest garden I have seen in the 19 years we have lived here.
It will soon be three months since any moisture fell from the sky; I am beginning to wonder if it will ever rain again.
I have entered the ‘Green Thumbs’ water wise Garden competition and the ABC ‘Gardener of the Year’, I know I will not win as we do not have enough/any native plants but I do believe our gardening efforts have at least qualified us to be an entrant.
If we win I will certainly purchase another rain water tank, I reckon another 15,000 tank will give us at least three months supply.
Brisbane Extra filmed in the Garden, it was a water-wise related segment showing the tanks, mulching ect. It did not go for long but looked good.
Well we had 3mm of rain on 8/5; of course it was not enough to do any good but was better than the last three months. Hopefully it will rain soon and I mean real rain not just a piddle. Another 14mm fell last weekend, not enough for a soaking but these days ‘anything is better than nothing’.
We are finalists in the ‘Green-thumbs’ competition and will be inspected on Tuesday 15/5. Colin Campbell is one of the Judges; it will be great to have him finally seeing our garden, must admit I have a lot of respect for him.
The inspection team were supposed to be here early Tuesday morning; they finally arrived at 4:15 pm, better late than not at all. Colin Campbell seemed to be impressed with the garden but no one else said much and one was on a mobile phone the whole visit, they did not take any notes so I have no idea whatsoever of what they thought of our ‘water-wise’ efforts.
We are off to Townsville tomorrow to see our son Scott compete in the ‘World Disabled Water Ski Championships’, it will be good to see Scott compete and just as good to have a break away from the garden as it’s been such a stressful year with the prolonged drought.
We returned from Townsville completely in awe of the athletes, 17 countries competed in the event and the competition was intense between individuals and teams.
Scott had a bad fall on the Thursday suffering slight concussion, unfortunately this affected his performance during the prelims and he failed to complete the slalom course.
He won the wakeboard/trick event and was awarded the GOLD medal for ‘best in the world’.
The jump event took place and each competitor had three tries at the jump. Scott fractured his board on the first jump causing it to flex and wobble on the remaining two jumps; never the less he won the SILVER medal.
Australia did the best ever as a team coming second winning a SILVER medal.
I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.
Returned to cool nights and warm days and of course no rain.

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